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Oetiker Clamps


  • Also known as Ear Clamps or Double Ear Clamps
  • Has a low profile design that prevents snagging and ability to fit in tight spaces.
  • Required a special tool since they are crimped onto the hose
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How are Oetiker Clamps Measured?

  • Measure the hose’s outside diameter, commonly referred to as Hose O.D.
  • Select an Oetiker clamp where the Hose OD is roughly in the middle of the size range.
  • You will not select a Oetiker clamp size that is exactly the same as the hose OD or lower.

These clamps are crimped on and will need to be cut off or pried off.

They are not reusable and will need to be discarded.

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1/4" – 04, 3/8" – 06, 1/2" – 08, 3/4" – 12, 7/8" – 14, 1" – 16


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