NVE Challenger 304 Auto Lubrication – CCW or CW Rotation

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NVE Challenger 304 Auto Lubrication – CCW or CW Rotation

NVE 304 Pump Specifications:

• 304 Challenger: 1-1/4″ (1.25″) Shaft with 1/4″ Key Way
• Pump Drive Rotation: Counter Clockwise (CCW) or Clockwise CW
• 2″ Connections
• Oil Tank Capacity – 5 Quart (Remote Kit Included)
• Air cooled
• RPM Range: 1200 – 1400
• Maximum Air Flow: 210CFM @ free air
• Maximum Intermittent Vacuum: 27″
• Maximum Intermittent Pressure: 20PSI
• Net Weight: 179 LBS
• Recommended Oil ISO 150


National Vacuum Equipment (NVE) stands as a distinguished American pump manufacturer, boasting four decades of continuous innovation and enhancement.

The construction of NVE pumps ensures their durability, offering a lifespan that potentially lasts a lifetime, alongside the benefit of being fully rebuildable. These vacuum pumps are equipped with robust braided stainless steel oil delivery lines, ductile iron housing, and a remote-mount, transparent oil tank that allows for constant monitoring of the oil level, among other features!


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