Moro PM80A Vacuum Pump

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Moro PM80A Vacuum Pump

• 35mm Shaft Size
• Pump Drive Rotation: Clockwise (CW)
• 3″ Connections
• Oil Tank Capacity – 4 Quart
• Air cooled
• RPM Range: 1100 – 1400
• Maximum Air Flow: 424CFM @ free air
• Maximum Air Flow: 397CFM @ 18 inHg (inches of Mercury)
• Maximum Intermittent Vacuum: 28″
• Maximum Intermittent Pressure: 29PSI
• Net Weight: 358 LBS


Moro PM80A Pump Specifications:

The Moro AIR Series radiant cooled vacuum pumps embody the most elevated standards in the field of vacuum suction pumps. These pumps are designed to be used in industrial applications that have varying capability requirements. The AIR Series was designed to improve the heat exchange of the pump in heavy-duty usage. This series can be easily mounted onto a truck frame and connected directly to the truck’s drive system, making this vacuum pump essential for any pump-related duties. Moro Vacuum Pump features include: Large open ported manifold design reduces noise and air friction, High performance Kevlar vanes with visual inspection ports in casing, High quality Viton oil seals - longer life than traditional oil seals, Low rotating speed leads to longer pump life, Remote oil tank, Sealed bearings - low oil consumption, Quiet operation.




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