Moro PM100T Vacuum Pump

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Moro PM100T Vacuum Pump

• 45mm Shaft Size
• Pump Drive Rotation: Clockwise (CW) or Counter Clockwise 
• 4″ Connections
• Oil Tank Capacity – 5.3 Quart
• Fan cooled
• RPM Range: 1200 – 1500
• Maximum Air Flow: 460CFM @ free air
• Maximum Air Flow: 430CFM @ 18 inHg (inches of Mercury)
• Maximum Intermittent Vacuum: 28″
• Maximum Intermittent Pressure: 29PSI
• Net Weight: 480 LBS


Moro PM100T Pump Specifications:

The TURBO Series (fan cooled) vacuum pumps utilize dual-fan technology to drastically increase heat dissipation. These pumps are designed to be used in industrial applications that have varying capability requirements. This series can be easily mounted onto a truck frame and connected directly to the truck’s drive system, making this vacuum pump essential for any pump-related duties. Moro Vacuum Pump features include: Large open ported manifold design reduces noise and air friction, High performance Kevlar vanes with visual inspection ports in casing, High quality Viton oil seals - longer life than traditional oil seals, Low rotating speed leads to longer pump life, Remote oil tank, Sealed bearings - low oil consumption, Quiet operation.




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