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How To Select A Hose?

Use STAMPED to select the proper hose or tubing with our simple guidelines for proper hose selection.

The STAMPED Method for Selecting the Proper Hose or Tubing Assembly


  • This relates to the Inside Diameter of the hose. Also know as ID.
  • Sometimes the Outside Diameter is critical (OD) but not as often with sewer, septic and portable toilet markets.
  • Assembly Length


  • What is the temperature of the material?
  • Can the hose handle the temperature range that you will be working with?

Note: As the temperature rises, the recommended working pressure goes down.
Do NOT operate any hose towards its highest recommended working pressure while it is at or nearing the maximum temperature.


  • Where or how will the hose be use?
  • If the hose is replacing an old hose, what is the reason for replacement?


  • Simply put, what is going through the hose? Wet or dry?
  • What size are the particles, if any?


  • What is the pressure and/or vacuum application?
  • What is the maximum working pressure?

Do Not allow your hosing system to go past the maximum working pressure of the hose or past the vacuum rating.


  • What type of ends will the hose be connected to?

We can customize to any hose that you need.


  • When do you need the hose?
  • Will there be a lead time?


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